South Korean beauty: Tested and reviewed

I’m a big fan of the beauty section on ASOS, they have so many different products and brands, some I’ve never even heard of, so it’s an extremely exciting process spending hours browsing them all, putting my favourites in my basket to then realise I’m way over budget and have to put my dreams to bed.

It was only recently I came across the South Korean beauty section on their site, which got me thinking, why is South Korean beauty such a popular thing over here and how have I never heard of it before? I did some research and this is what I found out.

It turns out, South Korea is the beauty capital of the world, the beauty industry is HUGE over there, which I can’t believe I wasn’t aware of….some beauty expert I am! Self care and appearance is very important to the women of South Korea which explains why they take their skin care regimes so seriously, you wouldn’t believe the amount of products they have for their skin.
Women spend more than twice the amount of money on beauty products than women in the USA and are said to be about 12 years in front of us in terms of beauty technology. It’s clear to see that Korean beauty is influencing the western world beauty industry, with products now on sale over here such as sheet face masks, crayon lipsticks and cushion compacts (soaked foundation sponges) which have all originated from South Korea.
To add to this, their products are relatively cheap compared to the items on our shelves, so I think it’s time to book a trip to South Korea for some serious shopping. Unfortunately, this isn’t realistic, so instead I had to settle with online shopping from ASOS.

There was a lot of products to choose from the ASOS website alone, I felt quite overwhelmed as a lot of the products were alien to me, but I wanted to see what the hype was about so I decided to  choose just three products I thought would benefit me most and gave myself a week of using them before fairly reviewing them.

South Korean product #1– Bio-essence miracle water Jelly makeup remover:
Makeup remover is something the majority of us girls need in our bathroom, it’s a necessity. I usually use a cleanser and toner which takes most of my makeup off of an evening. Investing in a good makeup remover is vital for looking after your skin, whatever you do DO NOT  use makeup wipes as part of your skin care regime.

Miracle water 

I applied a small dollop of the jelly to a cotton pad and proceeded to gently rub all over my damp face. You don’t need a lot, a small dollop and water makes for the perfect lather to remove your makeup. It smelt fresh and made my skin feel clean, without feeling like I to scrub my skin. I certainly recommend this product. 

Rating: 9/10

South Korean product #2– Kocostar slice mask sheet (watermelon):
There’s nothing nicer than having a night in, with your bestie, a glass of wine, and a face mask. Face masks make me feel fresh and relaxed, they are something I recommend doing monthly, for relaxation purposes more than anything. I usually use cream face masks that tighten on your skin within 10 minutes, which means you can’t find anything remotely funny unless you want a crumbly face mask.

face mask

When I removed the Kocostar mask from the packet, it was definitely was something I’ve never seen before. Individual mini face masks, in the shape of watermelons, how cute.  I carefully placed them on different sections of my face, but they kept sliding off and it was difficult to multi task with them, I felt as if i had to lay flat for the time I had them on. It smelt like watermelon (obviously) and although this looked cool, I wouldn’t say it was any better than a sheet mask you can buy in boots, however my face did feel fresh and hydrated after use.

Rating: 6/10

South Korean product #3– It’s Skin Power 20 VB sebum control serum:

Sebum is created from the Sebaceous glands, it’s an oily substance that helps protect our skin and it’s something we all battle with, one way or another. Too little sebum causes dry skins, whereas if you have to much sebum, like myself, it cause breakouts due to the over production of the oil.  Trying to control it can be difficult, but trying different products that work for you could certainly help, which is why I chose this product to try.


I actually really liked this product, it didn’t feel greasy on my skin and was quickly absorbed. I applied it after a cleansed face, just a few drops on the tips of my fingers and focused on the oiliest parts of my face. After a week of use, my skin doesn’t look/feel as oily as it did before trialling the product, so I give this one a thumbs up.



My verdict is that I will certainly be trying more South Korean beauty products, I might even go as far to say I’ll venture away from ASOS and find some more products elsewhere . If you’re looking to try something new or add to your beauty collection (who doesn’t?) then I’d say give South Korean beauty a try for yourself, it definitely worth the money. Who knows, it might even replace your current collection?

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