Me, myself and my make-up

In this blog entry, I’m going to give you an insight to my basic make-up routine, the process I go through and the products I use every time I do any look, whether that’s a natural look or full glam, these things never change. I hope you manage to pick up some tips along the way and learn something new!

The Blank canvas
With each make-up look I do, I always begin with clean and cleansed skin. I first apply the ‘Smash box photo finish foundation primer’ which sets the skin, giving it a smooth finish ready to apply your foundation. I enjoy this part, sadly. Your face is a perfect, untouched canvas once this step is done..SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES (‘Step Brothers’ fans, I know you’re out there). Tip– always match your primer base with your foundation base, for example if your foundation is water based, your primer should also be, as this prevents excess oiliness.

I love full coverage foundations; I find that with liquid foundations, I have to apply more layers than I would need to with a cream foundation, and my favourite foundation to use is the ‘Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation’ depending on my skin tone, I usually wear it in ‘Warm almond’ (sounds like an autumn latte at Starbucks). It’s so smooth and easy to apply, it gives you the perfect magazine worthy air brush finish, especially used with a stipple brush. Note– Always start from the middle of the face outwards when applying foundation, make sure to blend the product down to the neck to avoid obvious lines and always lightly cover the ears to prevent red ears in photos. I also would advise anyone to not splash out on foundations, mine costs £13.99 from Boots and it’s just fabulous, it doesn’t feel or look cheap, so don’t get sucked in to thinking the more expensive the better the product, as with make-up this simply isn’t true.

Concealer should be two shades lighter than your foundation shade. I apply concealer in a triangle under my eyes and blend it with a beauty blender sponge. I don’t tend to conceal spots as I feel it brings them out more than hiding them. Sometimes it is best just to embrace them if foundation hasn’t fully covered them, spots on their own are better than spots that have orange looking product stuck in them (throwback to 14 year old me). I use the ‘Inglot AMC cream concealer’ in 59, it’s great coverage and easy to blend, the colour looks great on my skin tone too.

To set my foundation, I use a translucent loose powder. It helps me look less greasy, because let’s be honest, no one wants to be walking around looking like a they’ve just been swimming. My favourite to use is the ‘NARS Cosmetics light reflecting loose setting powder’. Its light feeling yet effective in preventing oiliness throughout the day, just a dusting over the T-zone and chin is enough. Tip– I also apply some on my eyelids which acts as an eyeshadow primer and  prevents creases in the eye make-up.


The Brows
These bad boys vary extremely from person to person, whether yours are thick and straight or fine and arched, your eyebrows are sisters not twins and they are a very personal and complex part of your make-up routine. The eyebrows can make or break a look; don’t be a breaker.

I don’t change the shape of my eyebrows, I’m lucky to have a nice shape to them and because I’m fair, grooming them is fairly easy. I have to pluck a few strays now and again but apart from that, we get on. I don’t use specific brow products because I feel you can achieve the exact same look, if not better, from using an eyeshadow to match your hair colour on a flat angled brush and concealer on a flat brush under the brow to achieve definition, for a much cheaper price. Tip– don’t start with too much product on your brush. Build it up to your desired darkness. I brush the hairs out with a spoolie brush and begin in the middle of the top and bottom of my brows keeping within the shape of them, following the brow with the brush, then gently fill in the middle on areas that look more sparse. The tail of your brow should be slight darker than the rest of it, and towards the middle of your face, your brows should start to fade out, we don’t want any this box brow thing girls have going on.


So, this is my basic make-up routine, before the real fun begins (cue tomorrow’s entry!) I can’t stress enough how important it is to have the correct products and techniques for your basic make-up, it really sets you off for greatness when coming to do the rest of your make-up.

You can find the products I’ve mentioned about below:

Primer– Smash box photo finish foundation primer
Foundation– Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation
Concealer– Inglot AMC cream concealer
Translucent powder -NARS Cosmetics light reflecting loose setting powder
Make-up Brushes– Spectrum Brushes you look marbelous

Purses at the ready…



Beauty and the Blogger 💋👱🏼‍♀️





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